Medical insurance for EEO2022 participants

Dear sports colleagues,
we would like to inform you that all participants in the match Extreme Euro Open
2022 are insured by Pojišťovna VZP, a.s. (hereinafter as PVZP), regardless of age.
PVZP provides our clients with the certainty of indemnification in the event of an insurance
event thanks to the guarantees provided by our parent company Všeobecná zdravotní
Pojišťovna České republiky, VZP ČR.
It is not necessary to undergo a medical examination, to provide a confirmation from a doctor
or to complete a healthcare questionnaire in order to arrange insurance.
The territorial validity of the insurance is the Schengen area including the Czech Republic.
The period of insurance is from 17.6.2022 to 26.6.2022 (24/7).

Even the transport of match participants to the Czech Republic and back is insured.

Transport to the matchs means transit through the countries that are necessary for the fastest
and shortest transport from the home country or from the place of residence of the match
participant to the Czech Republic and back.
The insurance premium is included in the registration fee.

1st Pan American Extreme Open – changed match date

Dear shooters, range officers and friends.

We are very sad to announce the change in the date of the 1st Pan American Extreme Open.
The new date for the main match is 26, 27.28 January 2023 immediately after the end of the
Shot Show in Las Vegas. Place is the same, shooting range Volusia County Shooting Club,
Florida, USA. We discussed this for a very long time and consistently with the entire
organizational team (Manny, Gorka, Lubor, Jumbo, Jakub, etc.).

The reasons for changing the date are the following:

  • high incidence of Covid in the state of Florida
  • still in force ban on Europeans entering the US (Covid)
  • still valid ban on entry into the US from many other countries (Covid)
  • a problem of lack of ammunition in the US

Registration for the match is still open, all paid entry fees are fully transferred to the
new date of the match.

We believe that in this new term we will finally be able to fully enjoy this sporting shooting
holiday. See you friends.

Best regards
Lubor Novák
Match director
President World Extreme Cup


PEO 2021 – entry to Poland

Information for participants 2nd BERETTA POLISH EXTREME OPEN 2021

Covid 19 situation – entry into Poland. 👋🤝🇵🇱

– What are the basic conditions of entry into the territory of Poland (entry, transit and departure – land, air and sea transport)?
From July 20, 2021, Poland introduced the so-called Traveler Location Card (“KLP”). This is an electronically fillable form listed under this link, which every person arriving (by air) in Poland is obliged to fill in, before the trip, during the trip or at the latest before border clearance. For more information, see
We recommend that you always consult this obligation with your chosen air carrier (airline).
In addition to the above:
In case of arrival / arrival in Poland from Schengen countries, a mandatory 10-day quarantine generally replaceable by a negative antigen / PCR test (not older than 48 hours from the result) from the country from which the passenger arrives / arrives applies. Mandatory quarantine does not apply to persons who submit an EU Digital COVID Certificate on vaccination against COVID-19 / certificate of COVID19 in the last 180 days or a certificate of negative antigen / RT PCR test and their children as part of border and random checks. up to 12 years of age traveling in their company (one of them who meets the rule will suffice). For more information, see Chapter 3. Transportation.
In case of arrival / arrival in Poland from countries outside the Schengen zone from midnight on June 23, 2021, a mandatory 10-day quarantine generally applies to passengers. Release from quarantine will not be possible either after the submission of a negative antigen / PCR test or after it has been performed in Poland immediately after entry. Shortening the quarantine from 10 days is possible after performing a negative antigen test / RT PCR at the earliest after seven days of forced quarantine performed in Poland. This does not apply to passengers who have started a journey in one of the Schengen countries or in a country belonging to the European Union (hence also passengers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland and Romania). Mandatory quarantine does not apply to persons who submit an EU Digital COVID Certificate on vaccination against COVID-19 / certificate of COVID19 in the last 180 days or a certificate of negative antigen / RT PCR test and their children as part of border and random checks. up to 12 years of age traveling in their company (one of them meeting the rule will suffice). In all cases, the EU Certificate COVID-19 is required, a model of which can be found under this link). In case of vaccination, only full / terminated vaccination with a vaccine registered in the European Union (one or two-phase) + 14 days from the last dose is accepted by PL – in case of vaccination with only one dose out of two, passengers are in the process of vaccination and not vaccinated valid regulation of the Government of PL.


Lubor Novák
match director

EAEO – for foreign shooters postponed to 2022

Attention, important message!

Due to Covid’s situation and the impossibility of traveling to Russia, the entry fee for all foreign sports shooters at EURASIA EXTREME OPEN 2021 is postponed to 2022.

We firmly believe that the world will be fine by then.

For athletes from Russia, everything remains unchanged.

Thank you for understanding. 🙏🤝

Lubor Novák
match director

EEO2021 – results of Super 4

stage 13 final
stage 14
OPEN Havlíček, Miroslav CZE 7,9632 7,9532 <= WINNER
OPEN Neumann, Marek CZE 6,1313 5,8438
OPEN Šustrová, Kateřina CZE 6,0177
OPEN Heneš, Zdeněk CZE 4,7271
OPEN Šerá, Martina CZE 4,4610
PCC Leograndis, Max USA 8,8889 8,9409 <= WINNER
PCC Ženčár, Pavol SVK 8,6852 8,1431
PCC Szyszka, Amadeusz POL 8,2333
PCC Foltán, Stanislav SVK 6,1109
PCC Šustr, Miloš CZE 4,9651
PRODUCTION Štěpán, Michal CZE 6,4799 7,2153 <= WINNER
PRODUCTION Ramos, Miguel POR 6,1655 7,0138
PRODUCTION Zapletal, Miroslav CZE 5,5770
PRODUCTION Ščepko, Samuel SVK 5,1139
PRODUCTION Brankovic, Aleksandar MLT 2,5574
STANDARD Rakušan, Josef CZE 6,5732 6,6629
STANDARD Liehne, Zdenek CZE 5,9010 6,8410 <= WINNER
STANDARD Krejčí, Martin CZE 4,3818
STANDARD Čurková, Alexandra CZE 3,4221

EEO2021 – shooters for sunday Super 4

OPEN Emile, Obriot FRA
OPEN Grauffel, Eric FRA
OPEN Havlíček, Miroslav CZE
OPEN Šebo, Robin CZE
OPEN reserve Tausiewicz, Marcin POL
PCC Bindik, Franta CZE
PCC Leograndis, Max USA
PCC Szyszka, Amadeusz POL
PCC Ženčár, Pavol SVK
PCC reserve Guenter, Stacher AUT
PRODUCTION Krushkov, Kostadin BUL
PRODUCTION Momčilović, Ljubisa SER
PRODUCTION Zapletal, Miroslav CZE
PRODUCTION OPTICS reserve Bragagnolo, Max ITA
PRODUCTION reserve Ramos, Miguel POR
STANDARD černigoj, Robert SLO
STANDARD Liehne, Zdenek CZE
STANDARD Midgley, Gregory SUI
STANDARD Rakušan, Josef CZE
STANDARD reserve Krejčí, Martin CZE

EEO2021 – final info for shooters



  1. Before departure, each sports shooter will print out an invitation and fill in his name, etc.
  2. Each sports shooter must also print an official document of the Ministry of Health, in which it is stated that our match received an exception for its holding, provided that all health measures in the Hodonice shooting range are met. This document also states that every sports shooter who participates in a match does not have to be quarantined after arrival or arrival in the Czech Republic.
  3. Every sport shooter must register on before arrival or arrival in the Czech Republic, it is an arrival form for registration and it is very easy to fill it out. After filling it in and sending it (everything online on this website), you will receive a QR code, which you will keep on your mobile phone.
  4. You will have all these items with you for possible police or passport control at the airport or when crossing the border.

Everyone who drives a car will probably not be checked at all at the border crossing, but it is necessary to have all these documents ready.

  1. When staying at a hotel or registering for a race, it is necessary to show a PCR test not older than 48 hours, or to present a Covid passport, or a statement that you have been vaccinated or that you have antibodies.
  2. You can find out all other information directly at the shooting range.
  3. Please park your cars at the shooting range according to the organizers’ instructions.
  4. In case you need our assitance during police control call us at cell +420 777 222 337

All these tasks are very simple and will take you about 10 minutes.

The Extreme Euro Open organizing team guarantees that you don’t need anything else to participate in the match! Of course, in addition to the good mood and your sports weapons with accessories.

We greet you all very much and we believe that despite some health measures, we will enjoy this shooting holiday for all of us after such a long time.

Best regards


Lubor Novák

Match director


Pan American Extreme Open – changed match date


WE HAVE A NEW TERM FOR THE 1ST PANAMERICAN EXTREME OPEN 2022 A MEMBER OF THE WORLD EXTREME CUP SERIES, 27,28,29 January 2022. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT WE WILL ENJOY THIS SHOOTING HOLIDAY IN THE USA A WEEK AFTER SHOT SHOW 2022. REGISTRATION FOR THIS MATCH IS STILL OPEN. Unfortunately, we must are changing the date again due to Covid 19 and also due to the lack of ammunition in the USA. We believe that the shooters will be able to secure the required number of ammunition by the new deadline. As usual, the entry fee is moved to a new date.


Best regards
Lubor Novák
Match Director
President World Extreme Cup



EEO2021 – match anti-covid measures ! IMPORTANT !

Dear Extreme Euro Open Match shooters and friends,

This is to inform you about the Extreme Team anti-Covid 19 measures to be enforced during the XII. EXTREME EURO OPEN 2021.

At the present time, the ongoing negotiations with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the National Sports Agency, and the Hygiene Office of the Czech Republic are taking place. We do our best to ensure that our beloved match will take place according to our plan, this is at the end of June 2021.

At this point, we know the following:
1. Every shooter will need a NEGATIVE PCR TEST not older than 48 hours, prior entry to the Czech Republic, including shooters from the Czech Republic, in case some shooters have already been vaccinated, they will provide confirmation on the spot or show Covid passport
2. The antigen test station will be located at the parking lot near the shooting range entrance – the test results will become available in 15 minutes after the test was taken. Until then, a shooter must remain outside shooting range.
3. Everyone’s temperature will also be taken prior entry at the shooting range. The maximum allowable temperature will be 37.2 C.
4. The movement on the shooting range will be strictly organized to prevent unnecessary crowding.
5. The Prematch and Main Match registration will take place at the well-marked Registration stations located at the Shooting range Parking Lot.
6. The toilets, washing basins, and disinfection dispensers will be located in each shooting area.
7. If required ( we don’t know this just yet) by the state health regulators, the competitors will need to wear FFP2 certified respirators while not competing at the course of fire; this rule will not be applied while competitor physically competes at the course of fire. There will be respirators available for the shooters at the range, the same applies for disinfection liquid. All included in the increased entry fee.
8. The afternoon shift will be admitted to the shooting range only after the morning shift leaves it.
Additional anti-Covid 19 measures may apply, pending on the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic oncoming directives.

The shooters who require the entry visa to the Czech Republic, also the gun permit and ammo permit will need to follow our info desks at website, Facebook and Instagram. The complete information will be provided in the coming days. Please, be responsible and monitor the situation on an everyday basis.

To ensure these many measures, we must increase the entry fee by 50 euros per shooter. We are very sorry, but there is no other solution. This amount will be paid by each participant in cash at register to the match on the range. This fee will cover on-range antigen tests, respirators, desifection stations and much more … We are consulting/preparing the possibility of passing exit PCR test during the Saturday shifts on the range – for shooters who should need it. We will inform you about this later.

Important information for shooters who already know that they will not be able to participate in this match XII. RCC EXTREME EURO OPEN 2021:
We now have about 400 shooters who are on the waiting list and would like to take part in the match. In a few days, we will prepare a procedure to properly address these shooters and exchange your slot for this match with them. They are shooters who have status REG with their registration for the match.

We firmly believe that many of these and other restrictions, that await us, at the end of June will no longer apply. But we must be prepared because the entire organization EXTREME team wants you to enjoy this biggest shooting holiday all after 2 years.
Stay healthy and strong and see you soon.


Lubor Novák
Match director

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