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DaVinci Machining and Manufacturing

DaVinci Machining is a machining and manufacturing company located in Pinellas Park, Florida, and provides machined parts nationwide. With a core emphasis on machining custom metal parts, our customers come from a diverse set of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Architectural, Commercial and Medical.


Laugo Arms Alien is revolutionary semiautomatic pistol with several patented and unique technical solutions.
Alien system of operation does not use obsolete locking mechanisms or normal trigger mechanism.
This new approach is driven by the vision of progress which we want to give to the shooters.


Since 1995, CamPro’s mission has been to manufacture high-end full copper-plated projectiles for discerning shooters and hunters that don’t want to compromise on quality. We consistently perfect our manufacturing and quality control processes so that our clients get the superior projectiles they need to develop their skills and unlock their shooting potential.

ARMA ZEKA s.r.o. was founded by the ZEKA plus s.r.o. machining company with a tradition of custom and cooperative arms manufacturing. The main activity of the company consists of development and manufacturing programmes for light handugund in the segment of sport and personal defence pistols and their accessories. Our main product is the Sport pistol AZ-P1 and their submodels.

USA Extreme Open 2024 / LAUGO ARMS – ALIEN giveaway

USA Extreme Open 2024 / LAUGO ARMS – ALIEN giveaway

Hello friends, we have a great news for you. For the USA EXTREME OPEN 2024, we have prepared a big surprise for you with our main advertising partner LAUGO ARMS - ALIEN. LAUGO ARMS is giving away a beautiful and top-quality sporting weapon, which is the LAUGO ARMS...

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Shooters for shoot-off  on the range, sunday, 10:00 first round OPEN Conaway, Brennan  OPEN Laurenson, Cory (R) OPEN Lima, Breno (R) OPEN Miloro, Simone  OPEN Racaza, Simon  OPEN Tilley, Chris  PCC Almeida, Fernando (R) PCC Castro , Tom  PCC McElhaney,  PCC Schneider,...

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