Dear Extreme Euro Open Match shooters and friends,

This is to inform you about the Extreme Team anti-Covid 19 measures to be enforced during the XII. EXTREME EURO OPEN 2021.

At the present time, the ongoing negotiations with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, the National Sports Agency, and the Hygiene Office of the Czech Republic are taking place. We do our best to ensure that our beloved match will take place according to our plan, this is at the end of June 2021.

At this point, we know the following:
1. Every shooter will need a NEGATIVE PCR TEST not older than 48 hours, prior entry to the Czech Republic, including shooters from the Czech Republic, in case some shooters have already been vaccinated, they will provide confirmation on the spot or show Covid passport
2. The antigen test station will be located at the parking lot near the shooting range entrance – the test results will become available in 15 minutes after the test was taken. Until then, a shooter must remain outside shooting range.
3. Everyone’s temperature will also be taken prior entry at the shooting range. The maximum allowable temperature will be 37.2 C.
4. The movement on the shooting range will be strictly organized to prevent unnecessary crowding.
5. The Prematch and Main Match registration will take place at the well-marked Registration stations located at the Shooting range Parking Lot.
6. The toilets, washing basins, and disinfection dispensers will be located in each shooting area.
7. If required ( we don’t know this just yet) by the state health regulators, the competitors will need to wear FFP2 certified respirators while not competing at the course of fire; this rule will not be applied while competitor physically competes at the course of fire. There will be respirators available for the shooters at the range, the same applies for disinfection liquid. All included in the increased entry fee.
8. The afternoon shift will be admitted to the shooting range only after the morning shift leaves it.
Additional anti-Covid 19 measures may apply, pending on the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic oncoming directives.

The shooters who require the entry visa to the Czech Republic, also the gun permit and ammo permit will need to follow our info desks at website, Facebook and Instagram. The complete information will be provided in the coming days. Please, be responsible and monitor the situation on an everyday basis.

To ensure these many measures, we must increase the entry fee by 50 euros per shooter. We are very sorry, but there is no other solution. This amount will be paid by each participant in cash at register to the match on the range. This fee will cover on-range antigen tests, respirators, desifection stations and much more … We are consulting/preparing the possibility of passing exit PCR test during the Saturday shifts on the range – for shooters who should need it. We will inform you about this later.

Important information for shooters who already know that they will not be able to participate in this match XII. RCC EXTREME EURO OPEN 2021:
We now have about 400 shooters who are on the waiting list and would like to take part in the match. In a few days, we will prepare a procedure to properly address these shooters and exchange your slot for this match with them. They are shooters who have status REG with their registration for the match.

We firmly believe that many of these and other restrictions, that await us, at the end of June will no longer apply. But we must be prepared because the entire organization EXTREME team wants you to enjoy this biggest shooting holiday all after 2 years.
Stay healthy and strong and see you soon.


Lubor Novák
Match director