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Bank Reference Number250399
NameMaksym Oskoma
DivisionStandard min
StatusRDY 👍 ready for match
MatchMain match

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Extreme Euro Open 2022
#399 Oskoma Maksym UKR, Standard MINOR,
1100000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1200000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1300000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1400000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1500000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1600000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1700000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1800000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
1900000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2000000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2100000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2200000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2300000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2400000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2500000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2600000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2700000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2800000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 
2900000000.00DNF0.00 %0.00 pℹ 

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Last scored record (D/T): 25.06.2022 18:35 (Di Schiena Mario, stage 4)
Number of score records: 19083
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Extreme Euro Open 2022 / 2022-06-23 / Hodonice, CZE