Registration for this challenge will be opened on May 1, 2020.

The Extreme Challenge will be opened from May 1 to August 31, 2020, 23:59 CEST. Any results submitted later will not be counted.

Shooters can compete in following pistol divisions (as defined by IPSC rules):

  • Production (Overall, Lady)
  • Standard (Overall, Lady)
  • Classic (Overall, Lady)
  • Open (Overall, Lady)
  • Production Optic (Overall, Lady)
  • Revolver (Overall, Lady)
  • Action Air Standard ( only juniors to 21 years )
  • Action Air Open ( only juniors to 21 years )
  • PCC (Overall, Lady)

Only IPSC Paper Target (Classic) can be used in this challenge. Shooters are required to use only safe sport shooting equipment (eg. hidden holsters are forbidden). SAFETY FIRST

The entry fee for each participant to EXTREME CHALLENGE will be either € 30 or € 60, depending on how many tries the shooter chooses to upload to improve his previous result. € 30 – 3 tries, € 60 – 6 tries. That means, if a shooter improves/ beats his old best result during this challenge, he can send us a new video and better result will be counted. We count only uploaded contest videos, not number of tries on the shooting range.

If the shooter wants even more tries (his buddy beats him), just rebuy more – € 30 + 3 tries, € 60 + 6 tries.

All results are subjects to be reviewed by our Range Officers committee. We EXPECT fair play from all shooters participating in this challenge, otherwise, the committee can exclude shooter without the right to refund. If a result recorded on video will be considered inconclusive, the video record will be excluded and a shooter will be asked to upload a new video. The decision of this committee is final.
Physical stage design must be according to stage design document available on this web site – check bellow.

Results are counted according to the IPSC hit factor. Sum up the value of the hits achieved and divide by achieved time.

Participants give the organizer right to use and publish uploaded videos and other data according to the privacy policy.


To help shooter understood how-to-make-video, we shot two instruction videos, check this link, and wrote down some basic rule manual:

1. Stage EXTREME EL PRESIDENTE must be build accordingly to stage design published on the website. That means exact target distances, target type & size. 

The shooter shoots according to the following procedure: gun loaded, holstered, shooter standing relaxed, facing up range (back to targets), wrists above shoulders – touching hearing protection is not required (AA shooters, Ear plugs, …), just keep your hands UP !

2. The shooter must show clearly blank targets (can be patched) and zeroed timer to the camera before shooting.

3. Follow the commands “load and make ready … are you ready … stand by“ … and „beep“ timer. The camera must capture the shooter and targets for the whole duration of the shooting. That includes start position, clearly visible magazine change, holstering and target scoring. 

4. When the shooting is finished and an empty gun is safely holstered, the shooter or the person holding the timer must show the result on the timer to the camera and then immediately show the detail of each target with visible hits and say them out loud for each target individually.

5. The shooter must say their full name and preferably also their registration number at the beginning or end of the video. Please use the English language only. Also, shooter’s face will be much appreciated 🙂

6. The entire record must be unchanged and must be consistent without editing!