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Before registering you are obligatory to read rules of the match listed on this site.
If you disagree at any point, don`t register and contact us on email given on this site.
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How to proceed with registration:
step1 - Enter your email, system will try to lookup your shooter data from previous Extreme matches. You have to enter whole/complete email address.
step2 - Select existing shooter profile or create new - fill all required data +
step3 - Choose division / powerfactor for this match

¹ - required field
² - If you need to correct any profile data, please use link from registration email or use Shooter profile from menu + your password.
³ - Squad Wish = Squad you want to be part of. System will try to put you to this squad AFTER we will receive your payment. Squad must have a free slot at that time. NOT GUARANTEED !

EurAsia Extreme Open 2021 / 2021-07-22 / Ekaterinburg, RUS

Thailand Practical Shooting Association
23rd Floor Chalermprakiat Building, Sports Authority of Thailand
286 Ramkamheang Road
Huamark, Bangkapi