Company Limit-Z – Czech republic is a traditional partner of EXTREME EURO OPEN since the beginning of this match.

We produce 9mm Luger ammunition and deliver all range of ammunition & components for reloading.

We highly recommend to all shooters to place an order till the end of March. The situation on market with ammo is crazy this year and we want to have enough time to provided ammo for your match.

Ammunition bought in our shop will be declared as a MATCH AMMO and you support official sponzor of EXTREME EURO OPEN.

Buy Match ammunition and you don’t have to worry about chronograph.

We wish you to stay healthy, be wary of others, go to EXTREME and enjoy your match.

Price is calculated for 1000 pcs, but you can order any quantity you want !

Please contact us on email:

(to be picked up at shooting range) 1000pcs 1000pcs
1 Limit 9mm Luger 124grs FMJ CuZn10






2 Limit 9mm Luger 124grs FMJ CuZn30 – no magnetic
3 Limit 9mm Luger 139grs FMJ CuZn10
4 Limit 9mm Luger 139grs CuZn30 – no magnetic
5 Limit 9mm Luger 124grs FMJ Reloading
6 Limit 9mm Luger 124grs MAJOR
7 Limit 9mm Luger 124grs PCC division
8 Sellier 9mm Luger 124grs CuZn10
9 Fiocchi 9mm Luger 124grs CuZn10
10 Geco .38 SuperAuto 124grs MAJOR
11 S&B .38 Special 158grs CuZn10
12 S&B .40SW 180 grs FMJ
13 Fiocchi .40SW 170 grs FMJ
14 Fiocchi .45 SW 230 grs FMJ
15 Fiocchi 9mm Luger Black Mamba
16 Fiocchi 223 Remington
17 Limit bullets 9mm 124grs CuZn10
18 Limit bullets 9mm 124grs CuZn30
19 Limit bullets 9mm 139grs CuZn10
20 Limit bullets 9mm 139grs CuZn30
21 Fiocchi primers SP